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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) takes a holistic approach to managing all risks to an organization.  It is designed to identify the universe of risks that would impede an organization’s ability to achieve its aims. Done correctly, an ERM program can change your organization’s risk culture, making it more responsive and resilient in the face of risks, and giving it a competitive advantage over its rivals. 
ERM provides a process to identify risks, assess their likelihood of occurring and the impact if they do, and rank them in terms of highest risks. Once the risks are identified and assessed, they can be prioritized and plans can be made to mitigate them. This helps avoid costly surprises, allows for more efficient risk management, and helps the organization maintain its strategic focus.
Alun Risk Consulting Ltd., through its association with Ken Baker, an experienced ERM practitioner, provides ERM services. These services include but are not limited to:


  • Selecting an appropriate ERM framework (COSO, ISO 31000, etc.)

  • Establishment of ERM policy, philosophy, and risk tolerance/ appetite

  • Design and implementation of an ERM program

  • Advice with respect to any ERM issues

  • Monitoring an ERM program

  • Advice and assistance with risk governance issues


We can help you identify and manage the right risks, in a way best suited to help your organization achieve its goals. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

*For a PDF of all services provided click here.

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