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Alun Risk Consulting Ltd. is an independent risk management consultancy which has expertise within the insurance industry across many sectors. We provide risk management services to governments and corporate clients. These services include but are not limited to:


  • Preparation for the annual actuarial review, assistance with the annual calculation of charges to clients, and completion of results based budgets 

  • Risk identification and analysis

  • Determination of alternate risk techniques

  • Advice on the availability of insurance

  • Total cost of risk analysis

  • Drafting documents such as:

    • Requests for Proposals for brokers, adjusters, actuaries, and other service providers

    • Internal documents such as coverage wordings, participant manuals, and procedural manuals

    • Contract clauses such as hold harmless, limits of liability, and insurance requirements

  • Coordination of loss control programs

  • Auditing underwriting files

*For a PDF of all services provided click here.

Risk Management
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